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With over ten years fitness industry and personal training experience, I can proudly say that our head-hunted team of trainers at T-Fit are some of the most approachable and passionate PTs who deliver high quality and sustainable results! Have a read about them below and follow them on social media to keep up to date on offers and results!

I am a qualified teacher, personal trainer and fitness instructor and I specialise in training women. For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to health and fitness. When I'm not training myself, I am sharing my passion and expertise by training other women. I know what women want and I delicate every session to help them achieve that.

I’m extremely passionate about health and fitness and I have participated in a number of different sports such as Rugby, Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting, Mixed Martial Arts and now American Football. My interest in training began when I started training with the Ulster Under 18’s where we followed a strength and conditioning programme to prepare us for the up and coming matches. I then went on to Powerlifting, where  I further developed my knowledge in how to manipulate training to get the best performance. Get in touch to find out how I can help you.

I specialise in physique development, mostly in focusing on muscle growth and fat loss. I have played many sports, I enjoy various types of training, but mostly resistance training, as this is most crucial to building muscle. I am currently training in mixed martial arts and feel the average person has lots of benefits to gain from trying this type of training. Having  dealt with type 1 diabetes for the past 9 years I have really come to understand this condition and it’s relation to exercise, and aim to help other diabetics in their fitness journey, as diabetes can have many implications with exercise. If you see me in the gym, don’t be afraid to say hi! And please feel free to ask me any questions relating to exercise, fitness or health in general.

My love and passion is helping people hit their fitness goals, inside and outside of the gym. Using my knowledge and experience to create a personal approach to each client, I work with individuals to help develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. From fat loss to Sport specific training and everything in between, creating an enjoyable environment for my clients is priority and allowing our gym community to love the process of becoming a healthier version of themselves is the aim.

My goal is to help people strive towards their fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether it is fat-loss, muscle gain or sports specific training. I take a non restrictive approach, educating clients how to incorporate their training to become a progressive proficient lifestyle whilst enjoying it throughout.


My own fitness background is in sports. I have played GAA for the last 14 years at County and Provincial Level, representing Antrim and Ulster GAA.

I have a passion to help people get fitter, stronger and healthier, creating a lifestyle that is unique to each client. Using years of knowledge to ensure my clients achieve their goals. Covering everything from fat loss, muscle gain, nutrition, sport specific training, and more, ensuring that all of my clients enjoy the process along the way.



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